Our Rooms

Baby Room
We offer places for babies from 3 months and are cared for by fully qualified and dedicated staff many of whom are mums themselves. The baby room is a cosy room providing opportunity for tummy time and other sensory activities as well as providing books, a kitchen unit for role play and craft activities. Treasure baskets encourage their exploratory needs and investigate 'real life' objects.  Messy play features in the planning giving the babies opportunity explore sand, water and gloop.  Cuddles and one-one time occurs throught the day giving the babies the warm and caring environment they need.


Once your child is turning 2 they will move through to the Tweenies Room.  This room has a free flow layout with access to all toys and activities; there is a messy area for painting, water and sand play and other messy activities, a dining room for meal times and a quiet room for circle time and children who sleep.  Planning is in line with the EYFS and has a main focus on the children's interests.  Staff model good language skills which is further supported through social activities such as circle time and meal times.  Independence is also encouraged with hand washing before eating and when they are ready, potty training.

 Rising Fives

From the age of 3 your child will move into the Pre-School Room. This continues as a child-led environment with the main focus on the children's interests and planning in line with the EYFS.  Opportunities to extend development are achieved through experimenting, problem solving and investigating as well as attention given to letters and numbers and name recognition.  The craft area, which includes sand and water, is always accessible with a writing table to encourage their mark making skills. Independence is developed through self-serve snack as well as encouraging the children to put on their own coats and shoes. 
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